Thursday, February 25, 2016

Maybe you have found yourself with an old piece of jewelry and asked, "Is there a cash for gold near me?". The answer to that question is probably yes. There are many cash for gold locations all over the United States and likely many in your city or near by. They will be willing to purchase your old piee of jewelry whether it is gold, platinum or silver.

Websites like,, are out there to help you find local gold buyers. You can determine which is the closest to your home, or shop around to find the best offer. Be sure to look into some other things that gold buyers will purchase, like watches and coins, and take those things in as well to receive an offer.

One other thing that many people have selling lately is diamond jewelry and rings. Selling engagement rings online is likely your best option though because the online diamond buyers are able to offer way more money that the local buyers in your area. No matter the condition of your jewelry, it will likely still hold a good amount of value so be sure to send it in to get it appraised.

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